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About Us

About Us


Since 1992 we had a nice beginning in the satellite world to provide quality products and services to the global market. More broadly in 2002 STARGOLD GROUP OF COMPANIES successfully enlarged business operation in the different market segments with satellite accessories, home appliances, consumer electronics, lighting products, security products & accessories, personal care products, home textiles, travel products, perfumery items and real estate with the renowned brands  STARGOLD, STARLIFE, STARLITE, VIPTOUR & SHAMMA PERFUMES. It has been working dedicatedly more than 27 years in the field of manufacturing, importing, exporting, wholesaling and distributing to more than 105 countries around the global market including Middle East, South Asia, Africa, Russia, and Western Europe with direct and indirect sales channels. All of these portfolio brands offering the products with core values which are equally dominating in the global market to fulfill our consumer’s needs through its unique features and quality.

Over the decades we are being trusted into our consumer minds and positioned quality of effectiveness which enriches our customer satisfaction. We are offering best quality product at a competitive price for establishing long-term relationship with the esteemed customers and consumers.


  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Constant Improvement
  • Customer Satisfaction


Committed to introduce high definition technology and best quality products to our valued customers with affordable price and better services.


To be a trusted brand provider and to reach our products in every single global market by direct and indirect sales chain which will exceed our consumer’s expectations. Also to create more employment opportunities and contributes in global economy.

Chairman's Message:



“There is one word “success breeds success” but behind every success there has so many things involved. At first need to have a big dream and to fulfill the dream must have good planning, hard work, dedication, determination, patience, honesty and above all supports from the people and circumstances. Through all of these a big dream will be true as a success. So as a young entrepreneur with family support I started my carrier with a small enterprise where I am following those valuable things and finally found today’s successful STARGOLD GROUP. Along with my creative team, we are successfully continuing our business in different products industries to satisfy our consumer’s happiness. My beloved employees and their dedicated team works helps to extend our global networks within our target consumers. We are offering better lifestyle to the end users by our strong product line with innovative and high definition technology. Also we want to create more employment opportunities to minimize the unemployment rate and to contribute the global economy.

Furthermore, we are always trying to enrich our products and services in global market to support our consumer’s daily life. Finally, I would like to commit to build corporate social responsible activities to enlarge and enrich our ideas and offers for the long term cooperation and forthcoming technologies for people well-being”.